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21 years in the power industry, master's degree in electrical engineering, as well as a computer scientist, with management background.
In his career, he has participated in the negotiation, design and construction of the most important wind and photovoltaic projects in Poland, tens of substations and power lines at every voltage level, more than a dozen industrial and cubature facilities and in the implementation of more than 100 other projects in Central and Eastern Europe.
Interested in history, especially its military aspect, as well as knowledge of the modern world with a particular focus on the economic environment.
Marcin loves forest trips with a possibility of observing animals, about which he can tell beautiful stories. Enjoys ice skating, cross-country skiing and cycling.
He likes going uphill, leaves going downhill to others.
Brave, non-compromising. Focused on the goal, consequent.
Always eager to help, no matter if someone asks or not.
Open and loyal to the other person, you can always rely on him.



A legal advisor by education and IT specialist, graduated at a Technical University with supplementary studies in management, taxes, accounting. Working in English and Russian, still developing knowledge of French and Italian languages.
Experienced in her profession - in the energy industry for 23 years: in contract negotiations with foreign investors, in innovative RES, infrastructure and industrial projects.
Also an academic teacher of multimedia subjects and a hobbyist mathematician.
With passion - loving physical fatigue - a runner and curious about the world - a traveler, a lover of animals small and large (2 cats at home).
With love - to alternative medicine and self-development.
With dreams - a romantic in love with Spain, Italy, France and their culture.
With faith - in people and still curious about them too. And in the fact that everyone creates their world for themselves in their own way and everything is possible if we have good intentions.
With confidence - that music and a sense of humor are livesavers!



An engineer, project manager and urban planner, graduated from Koszalin University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology. She has been working in the energy sector since 2007. Gained her experience at WKN/Sevivon (14 years in this company) and at European Energy Polska, where she holds the position of country manager since January 2021.
Olga is eager to share her knowledge, combining daily work with public performances and participation in panel discussions. She is the initiator and organizer of the Polish-Danish Energy roundtable, chairwoman of the onshore wind energy working group at the Polish Wind Energy Association, member of the RES Council and numerous working groups at the Lewiatan Confederation.
Because it's good to keep a balance in life, in her free time she paddles, jogs and travels - preferably to New York, where her favorite TV series is set (yes, it is "Friends"). She likes good wine, Tolkien and Sapkowski, and she is a lover of dogs and cats (with a special focus on her own).



A lawyer and tax advisor with over 25 years of experience. As an expert in tax law, she leads one of the best teams of tax litigation lawyers in Poland.
She advised on tax, legal and economic issues in many complex business operations and has represented clients in landmark cases, including the Supreme Administrative Court and the Court of Justice of the EU.
In addition, she has held the role as a Member of the Customs and Excise Board at the Ministry of Finance, as a member of the National Audit Committee of the National Chamber of Tax Advisors, as a substantive editor and member of the program board of a publishing company, and as a board member of a respected tax consulting firm. She has an ILM international management certificate.
A respected lecturer and author and co-author of more than 100 book publications about tax law, Dorota has been awarded many times - including 1st place in the Best Tax Advisory Firms - "Tax Disputes" category or 1st place in the VAT Top Tax Advisors 2021. She also received the "VIRTUS EST PERFECTA RATIO" medal named of Prince Franciszek Ksawery Drucki-Lubecki for services to the public interest.



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