The feeling of satisfaction coming from creative and thinking work is the source of our pleasure in everyday life. Later, it comes back as huge internal motivation, and helps all of our goals to be achieved easily. That’s why, we always support human’s self-development, in all possible areas.

Practically, we are both keen on teamwork and ambitious people. To make those two aspects coherent, in our organization we insist on professional education and engineering knowledge, but also appreciate independent thinking and courage opinions.

The main common goal of our company, from the beginning, was to create favorable conditions for our people to express themselves and to develop their passions. On the other hand, such an ambitious team deserves best financial conditions, reasonable timework, professional challenges and good balance between all of those aspects.

Work is part of our life. We believe that this way we build together a better place to live for all of us.



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ul. Choroszczańska 33

15-732 Białystok (Poland)

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