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Efficiency (η) – Eta /ˈiːtə,ˈeɪtə/

This is a Greek letter of the alphabet. In the field of technology, it determines the energy efficiency of a device or a certain process – the ratio of the output or useful energy to the input energy.

Eta means:

1. A project designed for enterprises that manage energy processes and to help networks of modern consumers, including households, as a system integrating the supply and demand sides.

2. Modern, but simple and easy-to-use software solution, designed as a tool for centralized remote management and operation of the following systems: solar farms, wind farms, biogas farms, industrial facilities, conventional and cogeneration

3. The project is being developed in parallel with our other implementations, thanks to an experienced team of our engineers, designers, developers and technologists.

4. A system that will follow the world of engineering in the future, taking up numerous activities related to this field.


Operation and maintenance of the customer's facility, presentation of information on current production, meteorological conditions and status of individual tools


Collection and analysis of relevant data and subsequent monitoring of company resources to ensure maximum energy efficiency


Any device with a browser and internet access installed

Visualisation and control

Clear access to current and archived content in the form of synoptic diagrams, measurement tables, charts

Process optimisation

Implemented data analysis mechanisms via e.g. graph configuration directly by the user


Adaptation of system functionality to the requirements and needs of a given company


Possibility of notifying the user using the application


Flexibility in terms of defining reports by the user


Can be integrated independently of the operating system



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