The Management Board

Marcin Bartnicki

Present in the energy industry for 17 years, has a university degree in the field of power engineering and IT, among others. In his professional career he took part in the design and construction of wind farms with a capacity of over 1.0GW, solar farms with a capacity of over 200MW, several dozen stations and power lines at every voltage level, several industrial facilities as well as in the implementation of over 100 other projects in Central Europe and Eastern.

Marta Popławska

20 years in the energy industry / legal adviser / Master of Computer Science Engineering. She cooperated with the most important investors in Poland at the stage of development, design and implementation of the largest renewable energy projects. She took part in trade negotiations and carried out legal analyzes in mentioned area. In 2019, she participated in the preparation of the currently largest and only investment in Poland in the Zgorzelec Cluster, including the construction of a private distribution network, power station for balancing and energy management in the above region, in the innovative smartgrid formula