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About us

Who are we and where we heading

Who are we and where are we heading? In the rapidly changing economic, ecological, social and economic realities, we strive to be a driving force and an avant-garde of changes in the field of energy and industry. That is why we have been instinctively focusing on our own continuous professional and personal development for many years. Our ambition is to support customers and the energy market with our experience, creativity and unconventional thinking. We also want our clients to feel that they can rely on us in every, even the most difficult situation.

What we do?

Consulting and project management

We share expert knowledge with our clients, advising them at every stage of energy and industrial investments, ranging from location selection, development, design, implementation, to operation, including modernization and decomissioning of equipment. We also offer project management services at stage on behalf of clients.

Development and design

We support our clients in the process of development and design of energy and industrial facilities. We undertake particularly demanding tasks, both at every stage of obtaining a building permit as well as in the field of detailed designs.


We design, build, integrate and launch turnkey energy and industrial facilities: - wind farms, - solar farms, - energy storage, - cogeneration facilities, - power stations and lines at all voltage levels, - industrial installations.

O&M and asset management

We provide a comprehensive management of industrial and energy assets, both in technical (O&M) and financial terms.


The best marketing doesnu2019t feel like marketing.

Our clients are provided with

Full dialogue and cooperation

One of our most important promises is open communication based on a dialogue full of respect and understanding for the client.


As specialists with several years of experience, we guarantee full professionalism.


We focus on long-term relationships with clients - we build their and our future together.


Realizations are the sense of our work, but it's not just about execution. We guarantee our clients engineering, design, economic and legal consultancy.