ETA software

Along with the development of the company, we decided to enrich our offer with modern software solutions, providing customers with comprehensive IT technologies.

ETA – the Greek letter of the alphabet in technology determines the energy efficiency of a device or process. In other words, the ratio of the output or useful energy to the input energy.

Efficiency (η – Eta)

The system has been designed as a tool for centralized remote management and operation of systems: solar farms, wind farms, biogas farms, conventional and cogeneration facilities. It is dedicated to enterprises that manage energy processes and due to its unlimited scalability, also for modern networks including households, as a system integrating the supply and demand sides.


Eta /ˈiːtə,ˈeɪtə/

In order to provide our Clients with maximum energy efficiency, we deliver the possibility of full supervision of their resources together with the analysis of relevant data.


The system helps to operate and maintain the facility by presenting information about the current production, meteorological conditions and the status of individual devices. To use the system, you only need a device with a web browser and Internet access.


Unlimited access to data

Access to the system requires only a device with an installed browser and Internet access.


A functional and clear way of presenting current and archive data in the form of synoptic diagrams, measurement tables, charts.

Data analysis

Thanks to the implemented data analysis mechanisms - there is possibility of analyzing processes, including configuration of charts directly by the user.


Maximum system flexibility, functionality adapted to the Customer requirements.


Flexible alarm system. The ability to notify the user via the application.


Freedom in terms of defining reports by the user.

Multi platform

Integration possible regardless of the operating system.